Saturday, June 23, 2007

Teens Read 2007 - Get Lost

Oshawa Public Libraries!

Stop by any of our 4 branches between July 2 and August 31 for your game card.

Check out books, CDs, & DVDs for game points. Gather more points by stopping by some of kickin' teen programmes, or by writing a review of your favourite book, movie, or music CD.

You'll get some great gifts along the way and will have a chance to win an iPod Nano each time you complete a game card.


Jude said...

hey, im just wondering, where can i get the "game card"?

Lisa the Librarian said...

Thanks for visiting the site. You can pick up the "game card" at any of the Oshawa Public Library Branches. If you stop by the McLaughlin Branch to sign-up, go to the Reference Desk.

Anonymous said...

When you get a game what do you mean that you leave reviews of books and CD's.

Lisa the Librarian said...

Okay, see if this makes sense.
1. You get a Game Card (at any Oshawa Library Branch.)
2. One of the activities on the game card is to write a review for a book and a review for a CD or DVD.
3. Your Game Card came in a folder with other info. In that folder you should have a review form. You can use that review form OR write a review on the review section of this website.
4. After completing your review you will earn a point and gain a sticker on your game card. You must write two reviews to complete your game card.

Does that help?